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История Музея

The Kaliningrad Art Gallery was founded in 1988. The gallery was renamed into The Kaliningrad Regional Museum of Fine Arts in 2017.


In August of 2018, the Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts was moved from the building attached to three 12-story houses that were built in 1979 to a new place - the building of the former Königsberg Stock Exchange, constructed upon the project of the famous German architect Müller in 1985, nowadays the building is an object of cultural heritage (a listed building of the 19th century).

In museum’s infancy, its collection was formed by the purchases of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, the donation of the State Museum and Exhibition Center «Rosizopropaganda», the Directorate of Traveling Art Exhibitions and other sources. A lot of the works were transferred from the funds of The Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Arts. The museum has been working hard on the formation of its collections for more than thirty years. At the moment the collection of the museum includes over 16 thousand depository items.

The exhibition activity of the museum is constantly being expanded and improved. Since the first stationary exhibition «Science and Space in the Service of Peace», the Kaliningrad Regional Museum of Fine Arts has introduced thousands of famous names and a variety of works from the collections of leading museums of Russia (the State Hermitage Museum, the State Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts etc.) and famous foreign museums for local residents and guests of the city.

The Museum extensively carries out a variety of cultural and educational projects, including international ones (The Baltic States Biennial of Graphic Arts Kaliningrad – Königsberg, International Festival of Young Artists «Art Session», projects of the Virtual Branch of the Russian Museum, the Regional Resource Centre of Museum Pedagogics and Creativity Development of Children and Youth with various social and physical abilities).


Project activities of the museum is recognized by a number of prestigious awards (The Kaliningrad Regional Museum of Fine Arts is a multiple winner of the grants competitions of the Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund, Kaliningradskaya CHPP-2, Lukoil projects – «Where Does the Artist Work?», «The Museum on Wheels», «We Don't Need a War», «Small Streets of the Great Artist» and others).

Permanent exhibitions of the museum are «Legends of Stone Lions. The history of the Stock Exchange building of the XIX century» and «Kaliningrad-Koenigsberg: Bridge over Time» are centered on the history of the building and the development of the artistic process in the territory of the modern Kaliningrad region from the late XIX century to our days.