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Public Council of the Museum of Fine Arts

The Public Council of the Museum of Fine Arts was formed in 2017 as a consultative and advisory association. Its functions are to evaluate our work objectively, consult when an important decision is to be made, exchange experience, disseminate information about us. Due to the Council's activity, we expand our circle of friends and establish essential contacts.

Members of the Public Council of the Museum of Fine Arts:

Корнева Виктория Александровна

Korneva Viktoria

Chairman of the Сouncil, an author of the project "The People's Guide", producer of creative projects "Parakadrov" and "Hobby-Tour".

Дмитриева Ольга Владимировна

Dmitrieva Olga

Vice-Chairman of the Council, an artist and public figure.

Бартфельд Борис Нухимович

Boris Barfeld

A poet, writer, member of the Union of Writers of Russia, chairman of the regional Department of The Union of Russian Writers.

Быченко Александр Игоревич

Bychenko Aleksandr

Director of the museum "Altes haus Amalienau" in Kaliningrad.

Карпенко Анна Михайловна

Karpenko Anna

PhD in Political sciences, social researcher.

Миронов Борис Константинович

Mironov Boris

Professor, the head of The Department of Design of IKBFU, member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Перетяка Нина Петровна

Peretyaka Nina

Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Kaliningrad Regional Public Cultural Foundation.

Соколова Светлана Юрьевна

Sokolova Svetlana

Director of the Kaliningrad Zoo, a member of the Expert Advisory Council on the preservation, use and promotion of cultural heritage objects under the State Protection Service of Cultural Heritage Objects of the Kaliningrad Region.

Шамардина Наталья Владимировна

Shamardina Natalia

Grand PhD in Art criticism, Professor at the Department of Social and Cultural Service and Tourism of the Institute of Recreation, Tourism and Sports of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.